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We have a confirmed Highlander breeding

I'll update in 4 weeks
Grace x's Gunner
Grace has the N/N tail gene
She is a blue smoked tabby, poly feet, hock tail

                                 Abbreviations: Highlanders

                                 DT is Docked tail

                                 SF is Straight feet

                                 NST is naturally short tail 

                                 Poly polydactyl is extra digits, toes

                                 SH is short hair

                                 LH is long hair

                                 CC Curly coat



                                  Non standard is Long legs

Dam:Littlefrenchmen Monique
Sire:Foreverkittens Sampson The Great
Bred to be miniature 
Tica registered BOP 

Kitten #1 $950.00 Sold 
Dark Calico Female
Medium legs
Available message me about their pricing
All have doll faces, she will be small
Please email me or call 607-381-0259

Kitten # 2 Has gone home
High white Calico female

Kitten #3 Available $950.00 Has gone Home
High white calico Female
Long legs-non standard

Kitten #4  $1,250.00 Available, this kitten is the Best of the Best 13 weeks 1.7 pounds, Micro
Cream and white van
Standard-short legs rug hugger 

Kitten #5 $850.00 Sold
Red tabby
Long legs-non standard

Contact Carol @ 607-381-0259

Contact Jeff @ 607-727-9105