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Dob: 08-30-2017

Traits: Polydactyl (extra digits)

Hock tail N/N  Tail gene

Grace does NOT carry for Manx Tail gene 

All of my naturally short tails are the good tail gene

We are striving for the  N/N tail gene that TICA (The International Cat Association) wants in order for us to ADVANCE to Championship

I have been working on this since 2016

Color: Blue Smoked

Breed: Highlander

Dad is DNA tested through wisdom

Grace is expecting a litter of Kittens mid-Feb 2021 with Fabio

Winteress Aspen

DOB: 05/14/2016

Traits: Polydactyl 

NST N/N Tail gene (naturally short tail)

This is the tail gene we need, it's safe unlike the T-box tail mutation

Genetically tested through wisdom

Color: Seal Lynx Point

Breed: Highlander

 Due in March 2021 with Fabio