Empire State Lynx since Est 2013               


Empire State Lynx

We go the extra mile to make sure our customers and our kittens are happy. 

We accept:

  • Paypal 
  • Cash
  • Money Orders  
No checks please

Paypal charges a 3.9% fee for each transaction, and that will be paid by the buyer. 


*Highlander Kittens - Pet Prices 

$1000 = Polypaws, Curled Ears, Natural Short tail

$1000 = Curly Coats, Curled Ears

*In some circumstances, pet price MAY be slightly negotiable, contact me by phone AFTER filling out adoption application.  


** Breeder Prices


*Napoleon / Minuet Kittens - Pet Prices 

$2000 = Standard (short legs)

$1000 = Non-Standard (long legs)

*In some circumstances, pet price MAY be slightly negotiable, contact me by phone AFTER filling out adoption application. 

** Breeder Prices 


$500 non-refundable reservation fee required for all cats / kittens

All kittens are required to be paid in full by 10 weeks of age.


-$100 discount on second kitten, if adopting more than one.

-$100 discount if you have previously purchased from me.

-$50 discount if you are a front line worker. 

-$20 discount for telling me you read this page and mentioning it to me. 

Health certificates are required by law 

$75 per health certificate, my vet charges this amount and the charge is passed on to the adopter. 

$120 per USDA Certified Health Certificate, my vet charges this amount and the charge is passed to the adopter

*NOTE* prices are subject to change, as vet changes the prices (lower or higher)- we are always happy to pass along savings to you as well! 


All new owners of an Empire State Lynx kitten will receive:

  • -An official Veterinary Health Certificate from our local Veterinary Hospital. 

  • -Worming and first vaccination for FVRCP will be given at 11 weeks. This will insure for a healthy immunized 


  • Official papers from Rare and Exotic Feline Registry(REFR) - if applicable AFTER receipt of proof of alter 

  • The International Cat Association(TICA) - if applicable AFTER receipt of proof of alter

Note - kittens/ cats Adopted with Breeding Rights will receive Registration papers automatically with cat/ kitten at time of pick up. 


We at Empire State Lynx are willing to travel  to meet our clients with their new kitten, depending on 

distance for an additional cost for fuel based on the price of gas at the time of travel calculated with mpg 

plus $16.00 per hour. 

Another option is utilizing a ground shipper. You may visit www.uship.com for more details. 

We also have a personal ground shipper.

Adopters are responsible for all shipping costs, and setting up the shipping with the shipper of your choice.


Adoption application is required for every cat/ kitten 

Reservation fee is required for every cat / kitten

No- refunds at any time for any reason, monies can be placed upon another available kitten/cat of your choice.  All monies put towards reserving a cat/ kitten go towards the final price of said cat kitten. This helps to re-coop our costs incurred for the every escalating Veterinary costs, food, bedding, medication, and equipment that we use in the care of mama and babies year round 365/24/7.  Our cats and kittens need care year round in order to produce, these healthy babies for you, even we when have no kittens on the ground!  Thank you for your understanding.