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Welcome to Empire State Lynx, located in Upstate, NY. Raising Highlander kittens, Est 2013.  Here our kittens are raised with our family, to ensure they come well socialized from our home to yours.  Remember when buying a Highlander if it's not registered with TICA it's not a Highlander.  We've DNA tested our lineage to ensure healthy kittens.  

Breeder's of TICA Registered Highlander Kittens

Highland kittens in Upstate NY

Call Carol @ 607-381-0259              


Empire State Lynx  Est 2013  

Cats We Breed


We specialize in Tica registered Highlanders 


We no longer breed Highland Lynx, we came over to Tica in 2017


Empire State Lynx is located in the state of New York in an agriculturally zoned community.


We normally have 2-3 litters a year, we are a small in home cattery.  

Our cats are DNA tested through Optimal Selection.  




The Highlander breed refinement began in 2004, to distinguish the breed better from its foundation stock, and to seek competition status in major breed registries.  The name Highlander was adopted in late 2005.  Starting May 1, 2008, the breed was recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) for competition in the Preliminary New Breed class, under the names Highlander Shorthair (HGS) and simply Highlander (HG) for the longer-haired variation.  

It took until 2016 for Highlanders to move from Preliminary New Breeds to Advanced New Breeds, which put them one class away from being part of the Championship class and being allowed to compete in competitions with other cat breeds.

Thanks to their new status, Highlanders have breed standards that outline their appearance and temperament, as well as a list of Highlander breeders available through TICA’s website.

The International Cat Association splits Highlanders into two categories under the breed’s name: Highlander Shorthair and Highlander. Highlander is the name for the long-haired variant of the breed.

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Registered-The international Cat Association

My girls, Mocha, Sable, Dove & Sissy


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