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              Empire State Lynx Description of the Highlander Cat


Highlanders are medium to large in size with noticeable depth. Rectangular in shape. Straight back with hips higher than shoulders. Overall muscled appearance. Males are proportionately larger than females.


The wide set eyes are large and expressive, set at an angle with colors ranging from: blue, copper, gold, green, yellow & aqua.



The curled ears are caused by a dominant gene which both curls the ears and somewhat reduces the size of the ears.

Ears should be cleaned once a week, I do not use cleaners as they have excess moisture and ear wax buildup. 

Head shape:

Wide, inverted pear shaped head with substantial width to the muzzle.​


Rounded back skull, straight to slight rounded forehead, with a change of direction at the eye ridge, may have a slight curve

to nose bridge. Nose, muzzle and chin form a straight line in profile.


Wide with substantial nose leather.​


Full, wide, strong with a definite break. Prominent whisker pads should make the muzzle appear squared.​


Strong and deep. 


Short and thick. 
Bone length must be a minimum of 1 inch per Tica standard preferably 2 plus inches is best. ​​
The tail should not extend past the hock.

We only work with the Novel tail variant which is still unknown.

Empire State Lynx has participated in the Highlander Genome Project.


Rosettes are not accepted.

Tuxedos are not accepted.

White Birman gloving is a fault.

White lockets are a  fault.

The only accepted outcross is a domestic.


Little added information about your Highlander Kitten 



I feed a high protein diet, my kittens are fed meat twice a day.

Chicken, mackerel, tuna, sardines.  (Fish should be fed no more than twice a week) they are also fed Stella freeze dried raw. 

My kittens start on Royal canine mother & baby, the kibble is smaller and easier to chew.  

I also use Purina One Healthy Kitten once they are a little older.

If you want a nice healthy Highlander never change up their diet, after all cats are carnivores.

Care Sheet:

All my kittens come with a hand typed care sheet, what they are currently eating, litter they use, when they were wormed, vaccinated, Vet checked etc.  

Your new kitten:

Contract whether a pet or breeder.

Deposit to hold said kitten.

Spread sheet of what has been done for your kitten.

NYS health certificate.

Fecal examine.

One year congenital guarantee.    





607-381-0259 (Carol) 














Colors and kittens we have produced at Empire State Lynx or my Lineage

 Chocolate smoked

Chocolate highlander kitten

Chocolate spotted tabby

Chocolate Tabby Highlander

                    Cinnamon point

Cinnamon point Highlander kitten

                    Cinnamon tabby

Cinnamon tabby Highlander kitten

      Brown mackerel tabby

Brown tabby Highlander kitten


Blue silver Highlander kitten

Seal Lynx Point

Seal lynx Highlander kitten

Lilac point

Lilac Highlander kitten

                 Black/silver Smoked 


Silver blue tabby

Highlander cat kitten

                           Alpine lynx

Alpine lynx Highlander

Solid Lilac


Reversed chocolate smoked


Classic Mink


Red Lynx Point

Red lynx point

Seal point


Seal Mink


Red tabby

Red Highlander kitten


Black Highlander kitten

Seal Sepia

Seal Sepia Highlander

This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc.

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