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         Available Highlander Kittens

All kittens have now been reserved.
We won't have another litter till around May 11th


Coming soon! Reece & Remmington 

Queen Reece, chocolate, polydactyl, novel tail variant, Tica registered Cop


Reece & her four Highlander babies, three naturally short tails, one long tail, all polydactyl


King Remmington, black/silver smoked, polydactyl, Tica registered B3p


Sneak peek DOB: 05/10/2024 two chocolate, two silver/black Highlanders 


Newly Redone Kitten Nursery

We raised socialized kittens, they are a part of our family. 
Carol: 607-381-0259

Rare colors:
Chocolate-Visual Queen & King or each must carry one copy to produce a visual chocolate 25% chance with carriers

Example-Chocolate to chocolate makes chocolate, add dilution on both sides can make lilac kittens

Lilac, comes from chocolate, one copy of dilute is needed from both parents to make lilac

Cinnamon-Queen & King must be a visual (cinnamon) or carrier, needed on both sides (parents) 

Fawn-Is a dilute of cinnamon, dilution is needed from both parents to produce fawn

Blue-bred to blue with two copies of dilute on both sides can produce caramel


TICA Codes:  
01t-Domestic outcross
P-Permissible, domestic 
N-Non-permissible, which generally means a different purebred was bred into the line Example-Highlander bred to Maine Coon which is NOT acceptable!
How my codes work, I do not have any foundation cats 
A2p-has one parent that is unknown, unregistered or of another breed
B3p-has one such grandparent
Cop-have a great grandparent of another kind
Sbt-stud book, means there are at least 5 generations of pure Highlanders

LT-long tail
Nst-naturally short tail, I only work with the novel tail variant since 2016
I do NOT breed the Manx gene
I do NOT dock tails
CE-Curled ears
SE-Straight ears
PF-Polydactyl paws
SF-Straight paws
LH-Long hair
SH-Short hair
CC-Curly coat


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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